Mission & Vision

The Dyberry Creek Music Festival is a week-long Chamber Music Festival, with concerts taking place at various locations connected and adjacent to the Dyberry Creek in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The festival's goal is to provide free classical music concerts to enrich the lives of Wayne County residents.

This series of concerts will benefit the residents of Honesdale and various other communities throughout Wayne County. Since the concerts will be free and open to the public, any profits will benefit the Wayne County Community Foundation, the Cooperage Project, the Wayne County Public Library, and various other local establishments. A small portion of profits may be kept to fund future festivals.

2022 Thank You List

For our inaugural year, we would like to send special thanks to our generous donors and those who have provided guidance on launching this festival in Honesdale, PA.

Thank you for your monetary support:  Wayne County Community Foundation, Wayne & Debbie Lord, Bob & Jody Nash, Tony & Ellen Caleca, Tom & Laura Geib

Thank you for food and lodging support:  Friends of the Wayne County Library, the Honesdale Loft, Laura Geib, Ellen Caleca

Thank you for guidance on launching this music festival:  Ryanne Jennings, Arrah Fisher, Ellen Caleca, Tracy Schwarz

Thank you for welcoming our musicians into your performance space:  Tracy Schwarz, Arrah Fisher, the Barn at Boyd's Mills